EOT Facilities

End of Trip Facilities are a staple in modern buildings. An essential feature for attracting and retaining tenants; a modern, bright and inviting facility will fast become a key selling point for the building and well utilised. Gone are the days of riding to work, and showering in the dingy depths of the basement. End of Trip Facilities provide as essential; a bike storage area, shower cubicles, individual lockers, hair and make-up stations and ironing facilities. The entire experience of getting to work is transformed to an easy, user-friendly and encouraging practice. Once tenants are aware that these type of facilities are available to them they will be more inclined to ride, walk or run to work themselves and in turn fosters a much more sustainable approach to office commuting. EOT facilities allow all sorts of green-commuting to become a reality and in turn supports the longevity of a casual green commuter.

The EOT Facilities at 406 Collins St started life as an under-used and under-purposed space. Now a bright and friendly facility awaits all green-commuters to the building. A safe space to store their belongings and prepare for the day.